3D modeling

3D modeling in Rhino simple detail new
300 UAH

You need to make a 3D model of a shell for the next 3D printing You only need a 3D model. But it must be in Rhino. I add a photo like this to the project.

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3D model details by example new

It is necessary to make a model of details for further freezing on the CPU Hard body for processing in fusion 360 There are a few details, do for example, I will send a new mail.

3D modeling ∙ 2 proposals
Design of the gamer room new

Design and interior of the gamer room.8 square meters.The .♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Interior design3D modeling ∙ 24 proposals
A unique set of chess figures new
11 111 UAH

Hello to you! It is necessary to make a set of chess figures with the faces of real people. This set will then be physically made and become a wedding gift for friends. The concept is that the king and the farmer will have the face of the bride and the bride accordingly, and…

3D modeling ∙ 4 proposals
Product Design Product Design 2-3CAD / Mechanical Engineer new
3500 UAH

I am looking for a specialist in 3D product design. You need to make a product design prototype - Portfolio with CAD 2-3D double-binded with modeling design

Designing3D modeling ∙ 6 proposals
Animated bottle of water new
1200 UAH

Good day You need to do the same as in the original video provided (model + animation) HTTPS://youtu.be/LKEHeXp5lIM

Animation3D modeling ∙ 18 proposals
Animated 3D visualization of the cottage town new

Hello to you! Based on the existing visualization materials of the cottage site, it is necessary to realize an animated 3D visualization of the exterior and the interior: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1qL12htpku6ICuMUU5K0miPvaSs8bE2cv?usp=sharing Example of the final…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 24 proposals
You need an expert in Cinema 4D new

I'm looking for someone to rent quickly and quality in Cinema 4D NFT details machine for NFT collection. It is also necessary to sign the disclosure.

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 4 proposals
Substance 3D Designer new
1500 UAH

3D objects, an example of what needs to be implemented. The required formats : .gltf or .glb (this is required to integrate immediately into three.js) the .OBJ format can be imported into the blender, but there will be no more source (text) required. Please reply to those…

3D modeling ∙ 6 proposals
3D video visualization new

We are making a mirror tunnel. We for advertising materials need 3D models of our mirrors on the wall in different interiors (photo and video) .The complexity lies in the fact that the neon that is in the mirror has to be flushed with colors, and to be reflected. There are…

3D modeling ∙ 9 proposals
Video for the site new

The site is in the development phase. On the main page of the site is planned to post a video, almost on the entire page. A person entering the site must see a picture: an object that is dispersed into cubes is evaporated and turns into smoke. The example is in the face. Send…

Web design3D modeling ∙ 9 proposals
Working in Blender – Creating Mystic Powers new
1000 UAH

For a character in a 3D blender you need to create 7 pieces of 3D mystic power that will be around the hands of the character References are attached

3D modeling ∙ 6 proposals
Generate 3,000 single-type elements (not hand-back) new

It is necessary to generate ~3,000 single-type elements (scrolls of broken transparent 2D glass), which will be slightly different from each other by some percentage of uniqueity. Through some algorithm, software or AI (neurosets). Example: https://bit.ly/39P5hbP The price…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 5 proposals
Requires a 3D generalist to create and animate 3D models new

You need a professional in the field of three-dimensional graphics - a 3D generalist who can create characters in the form of human bodies, completely and easily modify and animate them. The skills are required: - animation of characters (subjects - people); work with the…

3D modeling and visualization3D modeling ∙ 3 proposals