Sound designer / Sound designer to create sounds for the game. new
222 UAH

You need an experienced person who will be able to do the analysis of the current saunds in the game. The sounds that don’t fit will need to be replaced. Therefore, skills are required: Creating sounds for mobile games Creation of background music

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Knowledge/Mastering of Track new
1000 UAH

The help of a specialist is needed in the quality of the track, mastery. The genre is hip-hop and rnb. It’s only interesting to quality information, just a demo we can do ourselves. Work can be started immediately. Please indicate in your application a reference to your…

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Writing Music new

You need to write a relaxing music, this background will be added to a video of 3-5 hours. Please immediately enter the price and time of operation if possible. Example of sound

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Creating music and sounds for games new
3000 UAH

The composer. A musician who has experience in games. From the Cockpit to the Final Creating music and sounds for games Slots Casino Games from zero

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Write sound and music. support for the video for the VR attraction new

It is necessary to sound a video (extreme and positive role for the attraction of virtual reality) for a duration of 6 minutes in the theme of the fairy tale city of gnomes, but not very childish, rather family (city of gnomes, cottage, change of locations, hills, explosions,…

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The Multimedia new
3000 UAH

Looking for a Composer for Animated Movies The references: HTTPS:// HTTPS:// I am looking for a composer who will create music and arrangement. As a result, we will need a few tracks of about 30-60 seconds.…

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Sound of the mobile application new

You need to make a sound of a mobile toy. The sound of the buttons, levels, successful completion of the round / failure, etc. You also need background play music in two options - one for the menu, the second - for the game itself.

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Soundtrack to the animated short film "Roy" new

The goal of the project is to show the means of animation of the struggle of the Ukrainian people (bjoli) against the Russian aggression.The animated film will be a visit to the victory of Ukraine and its allies over Russia.SUBGET: The Widmidi and the Shur attack the gloves,…

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