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Scenic pseudonym new
5000 UAH

Good day . It is necessary to invent a pseudonym for a person who began to create electronic music. The audience is all music lovers. The language is anglican. The main criteria are simple, quickly remembering. The name of the person is Eldar, possibly a hidden reference to…

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Replace the mother word in the name (renaying) new
1000 UAH

Before the beginning of the war, the name for the dating site was invented: r u s s i a n g o d e s Now, a clear thing, you need to do a rename, replace the first word. In the old version I like the fact that both words have the same number of letters and in both a double "s" .…

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Description of the product on the website new

Good day You need to write the description of the products on the website by TZ, with the right categories and keys. The site is made on the wall. You can describe your case, deadline and price for one description of the product.

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