Configuration and integration of the internal systems of the company (CRM, etc.) new

Integration of the company systems. 1 . Projects, create and set up the program using integrated services. The 2nd Writing high quality and well-supported code. 3 . Testing and correction of errors Payment is timely, according to agreement. A part-time job in a tech company.…

1CNode.js ∙ 2 proposals
by Skinport Parser new

Hi, I was interested in the parser under the skinport site ( desirable on node.js so that the software itself is as fast as possible, it will need parsing on certain filters, it will need the same automation of adding the item to the basket and…

C and C++Node.js ∙ 2 proposals
You need a JS script on a server with a Node JS new

Good day to all! You need to create a script on JS and place it on a server with a installed Node js. The script must receive the data (parameters) that will be transmitted to him through the POST request. The received data must be sorted and using them and the Secret Key…

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Web Scraper with Puppeteer Library new
3300 UAH

We are looking for someone that could scrape live tick data from a website without an API and send it to a WebSocket. It has to use Puppeteer because Selenium and other things introduce too much latency $100 per website

JavaScriptNode.js ∙ 4 proposals
Project JavaScript, Node.js and Puppeteer new
17 500 UAH

The essence of the project, is a platform on which users are communicating, we make a API to it through automatization in the browser based on Puppeteer. Multifunction has been implemented. Sending and receiving text messages Current tasks : Media Library Download Media…

Node.jsTesting and QA ∙ 4 proposals
CRM development with functional partnership network new

We need a CRM that combines the basic function of the partnership network and the command management. An application structure with the possibility of scaling up an additional functionality is needed.

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