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Adding goods to the site. new

We provide a table with a list of 50 products. It is necessary to find a photo on the provider’s website by code and place these photos with information about the product (name, price, call-to, size, code) on our website. Work is periodic, several times a month.

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Help with SimplaCMS sites new

Periodically there are problems with the work of the NP module. Can we invent something to make a more working module? Customers are so few, and there are problems with ordering. Sites: and

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The Tecdoc new

You need to go a doc or other base with a plugin for opencart, for the car spare parts site, the base needs to be with cars of 2020 or younger, the bases in which cars until 2018 are not interested. The base of the country of the aggressor does not offer!!The !

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Website for car new

Good day ! We are looking for a website developer with experience. We need a site for car washing, the site needs a beautiful and modern, which will be understood to the visitor.

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Help in launching an online store on OpenCart new

Welcome to!I’m looking for a person, a specialist who will help at the initial stage to launch a project that I’ve previously “destroyed” on the Prom, and in general to help restore the economy of our country.There is an empty OpenCart site on the stock template, already on the…

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We are looking for a site administrator on Opencart with experience on this CMS new

HTTPS:// We are looking for a permanent basis of an online store administrator on open card. What to do: • Fill with new products by template. The creative approach is welcome. • Description (Title, text, photo(video)) and characteristics of existing positions; •…

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You need to change the address to which the wordpress button leads. new

I need to change the address to which the button leads to the address I will indicate. I need you to show me how this is done, as there are sites that I will also have to change according to the same principle.

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Content Manager new

Working with categories. The goods that have been added to the website need: 1 . Translated (Ukr / Russian language) The 2nd Check the presence of description/photo. 3 . Moving to the appropriate category. The basic requirements: 1 . and responsibility. The 2nd of order. 3 .…

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You need to move the website (online store) from Joomla 3.9 to OpenCart new

The site on Joomla 3.9 should be qualitatively transferred to OpenCart.The Opencard template has already been purchased, the basket module has also been purchased.Important:When transferring the site it is important to keep the urles of the pages of the…

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Add to Amazon 5 Products with Options new

You need to add to the Amazon five products with color options. Photo and description of the product is. Write the approximate deadline and price, ask a question.

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Adding content to the website new

We have a small online store. We are going to go to a new market. in Europe. We need to fill the store with new content. in different languages. We need assistants. Wish for those who have experience doing such tasks. It will also be very good if you know one of the foreign…

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Repeat site new
10 000 UAH

Hello to you. You need to repeat the site. reference to him. Work must be assessed. Only those who do not work and those who have experience. Website type onlan designer-shop. He came out, created, ordered. In the future, we will connect it to the printer that will print. I…

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Website support and updates new
1000 UAH

The company’s websites are made on the basis of Woedpress and in different languages. The task of the specialist is in: Planning the platform to the current version. Posts written by the manager - placing the keywords that a marketer forms every Sunday, in the body of the…

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Configuration of the translation function of the site into different languages new
500 UAH

It is necessary to correct errors in WPML work. The website is not translated into any language. Configurate the function of translation of the site in 3 languages. If necessary, throw out the pain of WPML and resonate human programming. Connecting the currency to a national…

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 6 proposals
Concord Bank Internet Acquisition on Custom WordPress new

Pay signature to the categories of records/posts with the possibility of refusal of the signature with the return of funds. Detailed info in the file. The keys, the bank account is made, already on the website. There is a ready solution for woocomerce from the bank.

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