Payment systems integration

Integration of Marquiz C CRM new
1000 UAH

Interested in integrating the online survey service with crm. Needed to: 1) that the Lida data from the application form are transmitted after sending the app to crm 2) to, along with the contact details of Lida, also be transmitted his filled answers from the…

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Connecting the payment system to WordPress new

Good day ! You need to connect the leak to sell online courses. The site is made on the wordpress. 3 prices of courses.

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Update the payment module for FreeKassa new
500 UAH

The Fricas Payment Module has been updated. It needs to be updated and performed. The module is all the way you just need to update and do what for the cost of the fricass was entered in rubles and on the site itself was converted and placed in the currency.

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Connect WayforPay to Shopify new

Good night to everyone! You need to connect the WayforPay payment to the Shopify website. While I was answered that now it is impossible to do it, but through the API I think there is an option of connection. It is important to make the payment convenient (immediately after…

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