Photo processing

5 photos for the wedding portals new

Good day , need to be drawn with the style of 5 photographs Teeth white, remove the ages of 10, fix hairstyles, clothes .... in the general standard set on the photo cover of the brilliant magazine no or in this case on the wedding guide page. deadlines today tomorrow…

Photo processing ∙ 26 proposals
Illustration of Stories for Detective Desktop Game new
1500 UAH

At the moment, a detective table game is being developed, in which a murder occurred on board the aircraft. Our main task is to make screenshots from the observation cameras of the aircraft that would respond to our story. Examples of stories: Personage 1 tries to get into the…

Illustrations and drawingsPhoto processing ∙ 2 proposals
Photo of spare parts new

It is necessary to make a circular review (360 grams) several photos of spare parts (as in the example , only about 500 spare parts.

Photo processingPhotography ∙ 10 proposals
Make a color correction of the photo (change the color of the object to the photo) new
200 UAH

You need to make a color correction of 10-15 photos. A picture of clothes. Change the color of the shirt (I will indicate the color, even download other photos to repeat the same color). Write in Ls, offer your prices.

Icons and pixel graphicsPhoto processing ∙ 43 proposals
19 photos of the office room new
400 UAH

Hello to everyone! There are 19 photos of the office room. It is necessary to retouch them, what exactly to do: there are no specific instructions, you just need more saturated, bright, juicy photos. Make them more “Instagram”. So a man would have a desire to look at them.…

Photo processing ∙ 25 proposals
Design for T-shirt new
300 UAH

You need to invent a design for a shirt (graffiti theme).There are ideas,scan in the letter.Write,I will review all the suggestions.

Logo designPhoto processing ∙ 38 proposals
Required a photo editor to process a product photo new

Hello to you, It requires a photo editor to process a product photo. Also, each product has a short video where the product turns you need so that the experience also sends and keep all the video files carefully. It is important to know how to work with Lightroom, Photoshop and…

Video processingPhoto processing ∙ 29 proposals
Images for the catalogue of products for the site new

There are examples of images, you need to unify the images for the catalogue of goods for the site, the indicative number of 30-35 pieces

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 39 proposals
Creation of art for scratching on the patch new
1000 UAH

There is an original photo in which after the final work I would like to see a similar work as shown in the examples below. The image may be slightly distant from the original photo, but the sketch itself should be made to a similar original photo, and so that the image is…

Vector graphicsPhoto processing ∙ 22 proposals
Processing of photos and short videos new
300 UAH

You need to process a couple of photos and short stores. Colour correction, highlights, etc. I also consider the option of permanent cooperation. Photos plus minus in one style and with one lighting, so it will be enough to collect one successful preset and further make small…

Video processingPhoto processing ∙ 23 proposals
Photo editing in Photoshop new

There are photos of trailers like from different angles. We need to cut out the trailers and put on our background three trailers, as if standing next to each other in a semicircle.…

BannersPhoto processing ∙ 46 proposals
Photo recovery, photo processing, color correction new

Monthly for the visual on Instagram you need to make a retouch for some photos 5-20st. Please write the price for 1st. The format is raw.

Photo processingPrint design ∙ 70 proposals
Looking for prof. photographer for some very high quality product photos. new

I need a professional photographer who will be able to make over-quality image of the product for further printing of this product on a huge banner that will hang on a multi-storey or on a advertising board on the road. That is, the photo should be very clear and made with a…

Photo processing ∙ 7 proposals
Processing the photo as an example new
200 UAH

I will download you 2 of my photos from different corners, your task with those 2 photos to make 1 such, with the effects, the corners will not very different from each other, the rest from the cinema to the LS.

Photo processing ∙ 20 proposals