Presentation development

Google Data Studio – Learn how to create a report (Dashboard) new

You need a specialist who is perfectly skilled in working with Google Data Studio. And which will help me to create a visual report for example during the consultation. The data must be drawn from the Google Table. Please add examples of your work. This is what I want to get in…

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Presentation of the company and description of the manufacturer. new

The company is engaged in the serial production of furniture from metal and DSP, wood. You need to write the text about the company and the products for the site. The presentation text. About us (for the company, for production, for the company about 5k symbols), as well as…

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Business Presentation in English new

It is necessary to prepare a presentation that represents 10 different potential localizations for future investments (waste to energy).Each localization will have three slides (a map with localization, and a list describing the localization: how many hectares, what price, how…

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Design of Presentations (Project Work) new

We are looking for a graphic designer who will sometimes help with the design of presentations. The Habits: - to deal with the content on slides; - to offer ideas of visualizations, to look for non-standard solutions, to avoid obvious ideas; - know what is interlining,…

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Activate a presentation for the IT project new

I'm looking for a specialist who can make a project presentation to IT. Objective: Make a selling presentation of the project in IT crypto I'm looking for a specialist to make a structure, write copirates, and wrap them in design.

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Редизайн, разработка презентаций PowerPoint new

Требования: - отличные навыки работы в Power Point - опыт в сфере иллюстрации и графического дизайна - чувство стиля, внимание к деталям, сосредоточенность и пунктуальность Объем работ: 11 презентаций, общее количество слайдов 1021 . Тема - косметология. Необходимо привести…

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