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Tag for shoes and logo new

We are looking for a specialist who could do the work on creating the MY SOCKS logo as well as design labels for shoes shoes in this spirit as on sample, colors and phrases can be different. The rear part is oriented as on the sample as well, but the picture of the shoe will be…

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The Calcium Menu new

You need to make a menu - 1 page. Photo is provided. Which text is attached to the task

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Designer to Create a Table Game new

I'm looking for a designer to create a table game: the design of the box and card (in essence two designs with the change of text filling in the next), the playground (without illustrations, for the shot), the design of the instructions.

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Design of coffee table format new
9900 UAH

It is necessary to develop a book catalogue of 300 pages. Text and photo are provided. It is necessary to follow the European style in the roof. Proposed to: - Concept (structure for telling stories in the form of photographs, cover. There will be several sections. - show an…

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Development of booklet for the sale of building materials new

There is a company that is engaged in the sale of rubber, sand, concrete, rental special equipment, asphalting, etc. It is necessary a mini bullet (Mini bullet represents 2/3 of the A4 sheet that is half-wrapped with a false or bigger. In a complex form, the mini bullet is…

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Design of labels new

Good day Our company is a manufacturer of ecological household chemistry.We are in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.The location of the executive is not important to us, ready to work on a distance.A lot of work.We need to create designs for many products (a tool for the…

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You need to draw a painting on a stender (Kiev) for coffee new
500 UAH

Standards of Standard Melowa The size of the field for writing ~520*720mm The bilateral standard I need a person who has already drawn for coffee. Conditional name of dishes, prices and a couple of bright drawings to attract attention A couple of examples in the inserted…

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Preparation of the existing brochure new

Good time for the day! The task is to complete the already existing air conditioning brochure, as the model series has been updated, which needs to be added. Our former executive doesn’t get in touch. The main objective is to create an updated PDF brochure for Internet…

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Changes in the menu new
500 UAH

It is necessary to complete the menu page with snacks and hamburgers. There will be 12 dishes on the page. It is also necessary to replace the picture with some pizza. The table with dishes is here…

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Photo recovery, photo processing, color correction new

Monthly for the visual on Instagram you need to make a retouch for some photos 5-20st. Please write the price for 1st. The format is raw.

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I am looking for an illustrator. Drawings for children. new

I have an idea to create a calendar for children. It will be a special calendar, psychologically oriented. I need kind, filled, real, natural, author's illustrations for this calendar. To begin with, it will be used in our family and the families of my girlfriends. Later,…

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Banners and labels, regular cooperation new
200 UAH

Ежемесячно требуется делать 3-5 баннеров и этикеток, см примеры Просьба в ставке указать стоимость за 1 баннер и 1 этикетку

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Макет для этикетки new

Есть этикетка 9х9см нужно внести изменения в фото товара, а конкретней товар остается что есть меняется только цвет его. Предоставлю ТЗ (фото товара) Нужно сделать оперативно ,сроки 1 день.

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