Marketing Strategy for the Development of the NT Project new

Idea of creatives, writing posts, ideas for advancement in different directions. Welcome if there is experience in nft, if not, the main desire

Marketing researchScript writing ∙ 4 proposals
Writing a Letter new

Write an explanatory letter. The subject of personal relationships (not business and formal affairs). 2 to 3 pages.

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 27 proposals
[Map] Post + Title new
330 UAH

Good day . The goal is to find a person who will do this constantly from the calculation of one post $15-25 depending on quality. Posts will be written on the Book, for now there is a plan in 30-50 posts One post should be up to 300 words. It will be posted on Facebook +…

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 19 proposals
Screenwriter (financing and cryptocurrency) new
10 000 UAH

We are looking for a scenario for a very interesting project related to Cryptocurrency.If you are interested in this sphere and you would like to go into it with your head, then make sure you leave your response.We will be a search engine with experience in writing scripts…

Script writing ∙ 7 proposals
Write 2 scenarios for video new
1000 UAH

How to collect and feel what to write in a script?1) Read about the purpose of the review 2) See the opinions of others on YouTube 3) Use the text text For the test we want to see 2 scenarios, for example, the video that has already been filmed: Product review:…

Script writing ∙ 6 proposals
Write a script for an animated promo video (SaaS product) new

Good day . We are looking for a person who will help to write a script, and embody in the life (with the help of our designer) an animated film-presentation of our online product. This product is aimed at the owners of online stores.

Script writing ∙ 11 proposals
Book of Gynecology/Sexology new

Need a copywriter. With a fantasy-work will be from drawing up a plan to writing a book in the format, as Kerry wrote in Sex and the City-Easy, in the style of Instagram. Creative thinking is not Wikipedia!!!! No boring anatomy and so on, as it is written in Google. Please be…

CopywritingScript writing ∙ 6 proposals
Technical writer new

High level of expression. Familiarity with the world of slots. Writing the flow of the game simply and clearly. description of the various features of the game. Integrating the technical requirements of the system. Setting the required file sizes and weights. Game messages.…

Content managementScript writing
Writing scenario new
5000 UAH

The task is to write a script, a text on the given story. The story is not very complicated, but the text should be with humor. With something worse humor, it is better. If possible, send examples and cost for a understandable unit. Probably the work is not very straightforward.

Script writingPoems, songs, prose ∙ 25 proposals