Search engine optimization

Google Ads and SEO Promotion of the Internet Store new
999 UAH

Google Ads and SEO Promotion of the Internet Store on cms OpenCart 3.0.8. The website is published in the Journal 3. The online store is not large. 14 categories and 70 products. Interested in the price and timetable of advertising and SEO promotion.

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Construction of links new
30 000 UAH

It is necessary to select and place articles in order to obtain links. Training is provided. English is mandatory. Full working day. Who is interested in the offer - fill in the form People need full-time work. Those who are looking for a job,…

Search engine optimization
The SEO new

Good day ! SEO is promoting. The website audit is already available. Website - Please read the example. Purchases by reference. Please attach the case with the results. If there are any questions, I will be happy to answer them.

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SEO preparation for a new website new

Currently, the online store is completed with 3D printers. 2 language versions - Ukrainian and Russian. You need to prepare the site for launch, make a core of requests, work with each page on text, keywords, etc. A total of about 100 main product positions + 100 auxiliary.…

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SEO Teacher new

I am looking for a private teacher in SEO. I want to expand my knowledge.

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Search for Google Data Studio new
777 UAH

You need to develop a Google Data Studio SEO report based on the GSC+Google Analytics website data. Example of the finished report -

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SEO to promote the site. new

Good day, you need to remove the site by key requests to top 3 at least 20 phrases. approximately six months (6 months). We need to understand the budget for this project, the region is united not the whole country. I need to understand the minimum budget per month for work and…

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SEO optimization and promotion of English-speaking website new
2000 UAH

SEO optimization and promotion of the English-speaking website The executive must have the skills to work with English-speaking websites

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 20 proposals
Posting SEO articles on Poland's Internet resources new

It is necessary to place a copy of the articles on various internet resources in Poland. Articles will be about our company, as well as the people we work with. More detail in personal messages

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Site for car rental new

Hello everyone, you need a SEO specialist on a permanent basis for the car rental aggregator’s site in Cyprus. It is important to have experience on this subject. The project is in the development stage. The project will be attached to a separate template-blog (WordPress…

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Linkbuilding : Crowdmarketing : Forums new
1000 UAH

Good day for freelancers. Task: You need links from English-language resources / catalogues / blogs. Number of links: 10-50 DR: from 20+ Topics: IT company, software development, site creation, work on startup projects, IT product creation under key. Location of the company: USA…

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Active links from wikipedia new
1500 UAH

There are currently two websites. HTTPS:// Required references to any of them

Search engine optimizationLink building ∙ 2 proposals
Collection of semantic core, building the structure of the site, the skeleton of the site new
6000 UAH

We are looking for a SEO specialist with extensive experience in developing the structure of the site. site subject: shoe hypermarket (women's, men's, children's, women's bags, shoe accessories) one. Collection of the semantic core on the above topics, region - all of Ukraine,…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 6 proposals