Social media marketing

SMM - Specialist for the Promotion of the Dentist Implantist Page new

You need SMM - a specialist to promote the dentist's page on Instagram. Posts by doc_vladyslav I want to increase the number of patients and accordingly the number of records on the reception. It requires a development strategy, page analysis, competitor page analysis.…

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Add to the Discord server new
200 UAH

Adding people to the 200+ server discord, people must be real and head in voice chats,written chats.If 20 people leave the server in 2 weeks without a reason payment will not be issued.50 people from the calls will be checked into reality.

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Advertising targeting for Instagram/FB new

You need to set a target ad on a page in Instagram. The woman is white. Created and filled page in Instagram, you need to create a fb advertising office, set up and launch advertising, interest long-term cooperation Please indicate the current price.

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Posting messages and advertising in telegram new

You need a service from you to send messages to tg to personal messages 100 to 200 messages per day Or this is a service of such a plan. Write what you did before. thank you

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Smm Promotion on Instagram new

You need a professional Instagram page. Personal brand and recruitment. I will review the answers with a link to the pages that you lead with a similar topic or personal brand promotion.

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Change the geo on Instagram new
300 UAH

I am a citizen of Ukraine and always lived there, but Instagram began to block my advertisements as it believes that I am in the territory of rf or the currency is indicated in rubles, although in Ads it is worth a dollar. The account was created on the mail, which was created…

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SMM to the key new
6500 UAH

SMM-Specialist in Project Management on Instagram, Facebook, Telegram The obligations: • Developing a strategy of promotion in social networks • Create a content plan (lint and stores) Create 12 publications per month (writing texts, pictures/or working with our team…

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SMM supports the project new

I am looking for a SMM specialist with experience. Nishah - Consulting Interesting the conduct of social networks Insta+Fb+TG channel under key. Request of candidates to send their reviews ONLY with LINKS on the network of real casinos (the maps today are not used only linear).…

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SMM-Strategies for the Recruiter new

Teacher of Mathematics (preparation to the SNS). Interesting the development of a personal brand through Instagram (possibly Youtube), the development of a marketing strategy, content plan, and the launch of targeted advertising. The page will be known by itself, so writing…

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Connecting customers to the optical salon new

We are looking for a marketer to attract customers to the optics shop. Needed to: Create a Marketing Strategy * Analysis of CA and competitors, offering channels of customer attraction Cooking Creatives Start and follow Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns Requirements…

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I need a TicToc specialist. new

Interested in consultation, possible options for promoting the TickTok account in Ukraine. The video is currently getting very few views. Theme: Lifestyle and Crypto. Please indicate with what accounts you worked and what results you achieved.

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Broadcasting of Inst/fb channels new

I welcome. I run a telegram channel on cryptocurrency. I need customers specifically who will buy. I have one source of advertising for my channel. Conversion 1:3-1: 6 I want to add more people from Instagram or Facebook, to check how people will go from such social networks.…

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Cabinet of Self-Service. Text for the Insta and not only new

Everyone needs a copywriter or not a copywriter, just one who knows how to write texts.He can write not as much as 90% with standard phrases.It has to be some kind of coaching and its own way of communicating with the client, so to say the tone of the troops.If you are…

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Target and Promotion of FB new

CA analysis; filling the profile with content; choosing the type of advertisement; creating targeted CA lists; setting the price and type of advertisement; creating advertisements; launching and monitoring advertisements.

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