Speaker/Voice services

Ukrainian Dublaj (man's voice) short educational videos new
300 UAH

Ukrainian Dublaj (man's voice) short educational video + integration of Dublaj in a film. The text is dubbed

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Audio and Video Installation by Prisoning new
500 UAH

Good morning, you have to make a video and sound on the prints, as I have nothing difficult, the example of the video I will give. Prisoning -…

Audio and video editingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 18 proposals
Video audio in English + video entry new

Hello to you, What you need: ready video with English sound. This is from this video: HTTPS://youtu.be/1mnLqjnIj6I You need to do exactly this, but in English: HTTPS://youtu.be/QMc3kaBVau4 I would choose a voice if possible. Such tasks are planned in the long run.

Video processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 9 proposals
Video in Polish. The Dictator. new

Good day . It was necessary to be able to professionally resume the video in the Polish language so that you could install a file with a different voice. Text is little. Text to the video. The video is in English: https://youtu.be/8k_gY8QLtkw Please add examples of your sound…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 2 proposals
The sound of the roll in different languages new
800 UAH

It is necessary to sound the videos on: Slovak The Romanian Polish The French The English The male voice. The text is translated and ready for work. Everything I need. Price is being discussed. If you can close one or more languages write this in the application, I’ll…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 10 proposals
The doctoral, which will translate and sound the students video, from r to ukr new

We’re looking for a dictor who will translate the sound in the educational videos from Russian to Ukrainian. He speaks and mounting. For example of films. We need a female voice. The volume of work is large, in the long run.

Text translationSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 19 proposals
Speak the text in English (it is necessary for the actor to be a speaker) new

A long-term project for which an actor needs a sound in English (it is necessary for the actor to be a speaker). Text will be 10-15 minutes long, work is a lot, sp is stable. Download your examples of sound and price for 10 minutes

Speaker/Voice services ∙ 7 proposals
You need to be enthusiastic to speak the text in a written English language. new
300 UAH

We are looking for a person who will be able to sound the text in English. It is currently undergoing testing and possible long-term cooperation in the future. It requires good audio and good pronunciation in English. Certainly WOMEN'S VOICE (Sorry, men, we don't want to…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 8 proposals
Utilize Book (Spanish only), Assembly Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, 12700, boul. new
3300 UAH

You have to speak 490 pages of text. To produce a peaceful inflection without any additional theatrical or audio effects. An example of an inflection for sound is in a file attached to mp3. I want you to do it in Ukrainian. An example of your voice sends out the text in…

Audio processingSpeaker/Voice services ∙ 36 proposals