System administration

Set up the server new

The server works if you enter it, the internet is there, when remote connection is not connected. After recharge, it can be connected and then discharged.

System administrationComputer networking ∙ 8 proposals
Remote access to PC new

It is necessary to create remote access to the PC, but unlike TeamViewer without a conflict of pages. That is, so that they can work both physically and remotely at the same time, without interfering with each other’s work.

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 4 proposals
Recover information on the hard disk new

The situation: The computer rebounded rebounded, then stopped working on the disk (I apply a screenshot) I connect to another computer - the situation is the same. The data should be recovered in the safer possible way.

WindowsSystem administration ∙ 3 proposals
Set the scanner for the required tasks in Excel new

Set the scanner for the required tasks in Excel, for today, the scanner works only through the window to find and replace. The tasks: 1 . When scanning, select the right line and keep it separated. 2 When scanning, transfer the line to another book of the Excel. Examples of…

System administrationDatabases ∙ 2 proposals
Goip8 and SIMBANK32 new
15 000 UAH

I welcome you! The following tasks must be fulfilled: 1 . Set up the hardware, set up the SMS server and the virtual ATS to VPS. 2nd Make it possible to receive SMS from a sim card on mail or in telegram chat. Three Set a separate sip account on each GOIP line for the…

IP-telephony and VoIPSystem administration ∙ 2 proposals
Configuration of the Serbian and the Serbian new

You need to come and set up the ups with the server. When the electricity is turned off, it is turned off and when it is turned off, it is turned off. Location: Kyiv-Svatoshinsky r-n., s.Svatopetrovskoje

System administration ∙ 1 proposal
Set a server for a VPN application new

You need to prepare a server for a mobile VPN application. The width of 1 channel (geo) - 5-10 tb. In total, the app will have about 10 countries to connect, respectively 10 servers. Each terminal user has to be limited in speed and/or traffic volume, such as speed not more than…

DevOpsSystem administration ∙ 6 proposals
Correction of the problem of getting messages into spam new

Interested shop of plague When ordering, the customer receives a letter. Everything was normal before. This letter is going into spam. No more messages we do. I suppose that Check the SPF and DKIM. I need a person who has previously done such tasks and knows what to do.…

System administrationWeb programming ∙ 12 proposals
System administrator / administrator for working with servers new

Hello to everyone! I am looking for an administrator with server experience. There are a few vps from comodo to ispmanager, the amount of them costs 200+ WordPress sites, the visibility is minimal Periodically (where 1-2 times a month) sites fall for about 15-90 minutes. You…

System administration ∙ 12 proposals
Website support and updates new
1000 UAH

The company’s websites are made on the basis of Woedpress and in different languages. The task of the specialist is in: Planning the platform to the current version. Posts written by the manager - placing the keywords that a marketer forms every Sunday, in the body of the…

System administrationOnline stores and e-commerce ∙ 11 proposals
The system administrator. new

You need to move the server from one server to another in the amount plus minus 10 sites. Rise the NS server to work the mail or buy a second IP and connect to it.

System administration ∙ 16 proposals
Set up the forum on the engine new

You need a specialist: forum administrator for the primary setting of the forum What to do: Create a convenient interface for administering the automatic posting of the members of the forum posts Make that only links to and are enabled…

PHPSystem administration ∙ 1 proposal