System programming

Programmer for writing Fondy API script new
1500 UAH

Welcome. We are looking for a programmer to write a script for the Fondy API. The task is to make a payment sharing system on the service.

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Fix PC problem new
200 UAH

Installed new components of i7 12700K Asus Z690 p 4d At the opening of the game shows the frs 60 then falls to 5-20 cadres and so on the circle. I’m going to go to X, everything works as it works. I don’t understand what the problem is.

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Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine new

There is a site written on a symphony that is placed in Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine We need the help of Devops to show us how to update it.

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Execution of 6 laboratory works in JOLS-M Computer Architecture new
720 UAH

It is necessary to complete and arrange 6 laboratory works on the JOLS-M Computer Architecture, task number 14.

Application programmingSystem programming
Do 2 laboratory works by assembler new
324 UAH

Form the laboratory work (report) and make the code for the assembler, the example of the layout is, You need to do 4 and 5 laboratory work, the number of task option 14.

Application programmingSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal
Registration in Wordpress new
300 UAH

You need help to register the website for WordPress. Help with hosting and domain purchase Registration for WordPress. 20 minutes of work (or 10 minutes of work)

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Changes in the structure of the site new
2345 UAH

Good day . Our website on WordPress. Products are produced as a designer. The product is collected from 8-10 characteristics. We do not have a catalogue for this. It will be composed of 1000 names. When integrating with the CRM system we’ve faced a problem – we can’t use…

DatabasesSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals
by VK API new

You need to write a script so that she selected the posts (photo, video inside the post) from one community of VK on a certain number of views and posts and put in another at a certain time on schedule (ideally), if not, then at least in the proposal I needed the community…

Data parsingSystem programming ∙ 1 proposal