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Translator to English - French (Arabic Region of Morocco) new

We are going to the Morocco market, we need to translate a lot of interfaces and texts. The exact volume of work is unfortunately not counted, long-term cooperation is assumed. Offer a method of calculation for payment. HTTPS://bairro.io/

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Translation from Ukrainian to English new

Translation from Ukrainian to English Translation of more than 30 articles/page Show your price for translation in the price of 1k Zbp

Text translation ∙ 30 proposals
Translate the text of the ice magnet from Russian to Ukrainian new

It is necessary to translate the file from ros to the Ukrainian language.2.Control the pointing and grammar. A ready option to do in Google Docs. From 4 pages to 8. There are 4 pages translated.

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Reading / translation of pages to Spanish new
2000 UAH

Good afternoon! The site has been translated, but there are doubts about the quality of the translation. I am looking for a person who can proofread and correctly translate website pages into Spanish. The project is voluminous, I expect that the cost should be as for a large…

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Translation of 17,000 symbols from Russian to English new

We need to translate the text into English for lending. Duration of execution: 1 day. Who is ready to perform - write immediately with the value and the "Translation" mark.

EnglishText translation ∙ 39 proposals
Writing text on the theme of the cartoon in English new

Good day ! We need texts on the theme of cartoons - SpongeBob, Minecraft, Tom and Jerry, etc. In response to the request to indicate the price for your work. Thank you !

EnglishText translation ∙ 18 proposals
Translation of pages to Polish new
2000 UAH

Good night ! The site has been translated, but there are doubts as a translation. I am looking for a person who can read and correctly perform pages translated into Polish. The project is large, I expect the cost to be like a large volume, Not the standard praysing “XH UAH/1000…

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Translation of articles into English new
300 UAH

Translation of articles from 3000-6000 characters into English. Please give your track and example of work. Thank you in advance

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Translation of the multi-page website into the Ukrainian language. new
5000 UAH

Translation of the finished multi-page website on the wordpress into the Ukrainian language. Interested by the cost of your translation and our. The site is focused on the repair and construction sector. Ready, open, with the right positions. It requires quality and fast…

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Translation of the offer from English to German new

HTTPS://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/172896jDbj2f367syLmbsMXoBmUHK83qDaIynPlYxUFY/edit#gid=1069001879 You need to translate advertisements from English to German in cells opposite English text. It is important to adhere to the permissible number of characters in each cell.

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Translation of the website into German new

Good day ! You need to translate the site from Russian/Ukrainian to German. The level is not lower than C1. HTTPS://framex.com.ua/ru/ Offer your cost and for what amount. Identify your level of German. Work will be through the seafood.

GermanText translation ∙ 16 proposals
Translate two pages into Polish new
5000 UAH

You need to add Polish translation on two websites. On the website are already available in English, English, you can translate from any convenient to you. I attach link to the sites: HTTPS www.frendt.ua HTTPS://www.flyagdata.io/uk/

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Check the Portuguese text for errors new
500 UAH

You need to check the Portuguese text for errors. The text is not more than one A4. The text was translated through the translator, you need to find if there are errors and correct it.

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Automatic translation from Ukr to Russian new

Google Translator has 1500 products. (only the description) Includes a html tag (tag) that should not be damaged when translated. File Type of Exel The first column of articles. The second column description.

Software, website and game localizationText translation ∙ 26 proposals
Translation of a document from Hebrew to Russian or English new

I need to translate a document, legal, from Hebrew to English or Russian........................................

HebrewText translation ∙ 3 proposals