Vector graphics

Mockup new

Good day ! You need to make a golden pressure on the mocopy (black skin) as on the example. Please note that this is not just a word with a placed gold gradient. It must be large. I have a picture in a vector with a black beam, I need to make mocaps There will be 5-7 such icons.

3D modeling and visualizationVector graphics ∙ 9 proposals
Illustrator new
1000 UAH

Task: Creating an Illustration for the Website The company’s website is linked to investing in cryptocurrencies, trading cryptocurrencies, mining cryptocurrencies, trading with artificial intelligence (modern).According to this, the illustration should be contemporary both on…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 3 proposals
Developing scripts on the site (TOP, NEWS, etc.) new

It is intended to develop stucks in the style of the site We will consider specialists only with examples, or the proposed options in private messages. The lights should be bright, at the same time to fit the style of the site. The news Top Top by HIT…

Vector graphics ∙ 3 proposals
Illustrator Vector SVG new
1000 UAH

The TZ: To draw the illustration d, the illustration should be closer to 3D but with 2D so the volume should be. The illustration must be in the vector, the final SVG format for further animation of this illustration. We provide a text on which you need to put a modern concept…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 5 proposals
Design of the laser cut new

It is necessary to complete the drawing of the design. The theme: developing toys - bisid, bisicub and others.

Vector graphics ∙ 24 proposals
Design of Cryptocurrency Site new

Hello to everyone! You need to create a crypro exchange / wallet design. It’s called “Swapy”. It is a Puppy, so I thought to create a mask in view of the beast, but faster and cheaper we can take from the yui8 (…

Vector graphicsWeb design ∙ 39 proposals
1 lesson by AI new

I'm looking for someone who will teach me to keep a separate area in AI. There are EPS vectors, I want to take separate fragments from them and transfer them to png. Interesting only this. Payment of 100 UAH per time

Icons and pixel graphicsVector graphics ∙ 12 proposals
Training for creating an animation (picture + moving background behind it) new

Need help with the training of creating animation by this type HTTPS:// HTTPS://

Vector graphics3D modeling and visualization ∙ 3 proposals
Development of the air ball festival for Independence Day new

The Beckground In Ukraine for several years was held the festival of air balls "Mongolfiria".At the festival, air balls take off approximately simultaneously with participants in the baskets.2 to 4 participants and the pilot.Some air balls remain in place and raise participants…

Vector graphicsCorporate style ∙ 26 proposals
Create files according to the templates new

Good Morning, You need to create files by shabons. You need to create ~200 files. More detail can be seen in the TZ, which is in the appendix. Thank you ! Good Friday evening to everyone.

BannersVector graphics ∙ 34 proposals
Creation of art for scratching on the patch new
1000 UAH

There is an original photo in which after the final work I would like to see a similar work as shown in the examples below. The image may be slightly distant from the original photo, but the sketch itself should be made to a similar original photo, and so that the image is…

Vector graphicsPhoto processing ∙ 22 proposals
Design of labels new

Good day Our company is a manufacturer of ecological household chemistry.We are in the territory of the Republic of Moldova.The location of the executive is not important to us, ready to work on a distance.A lot of work.We need to create designs for many products (a tool for the…

Vector graphicsPrint design ∙ 67 proposals
Creating/Drawing backgrounds for our NFT new

Hello to everyone! We are looking for a specialist who will be able to draw the backgrounds for our figures (the figures are ready, the background is needed) The tasks are such: Creating / drawing backgrounds for our nft. From simple (gradients), middle - patterns, etc., to…

Vector graphicsArtwork ∙ 18 proposals
Illustration of "One Day in the Life of Transcendent People" new
500 UAH

Illustration in pastel colors, not overloaded by details. Imagine the day of cross people from the morning and to the evening (example photo 1) The illustration should be painted not in height, but in width, divided into 4 parts: the morning, where 1-3 people go to work; lunch…

Vector graphicsIllustrations and drawings ∙ 21 proposals