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Creating an Advertising Video for Mobile App new

Application with films sorted by genres and languages. You need to create a advertising video that will display the following story: The user scraps the video list in another application, updates the page, but can’t find the right movie to watch (as if you can’t find the video…

Video advertisingContextual advertising ∙ 7 proposals
Video-graph for recording video lessons. new
10 000 UAH

Welcome to. Our educational center is looking for a video-graph for a New Project. Video-course in Interior Design. The final hours of the video 15-25. Location West Ukraine, video recordings will be made in different cities and location. A person should possess the teachers of…

Audio and video editingVideo advertising ∙ 6 proposals
Recording of RELAM ROLLS new
300 UAH

Good day colleagues! I need advertising videos in the format. In the videos you need to make a presentation of the add-on. The information that is important to show in the videos will be provided in addition. It is important to use the subtitles and sound. The material will…

Video advertisingVideo recording ∙ 6 proposals
Preparation of the Concept of Promotion + Scenario new

We are looking for an artist to create a promo-roll in 3D graphics, similar to I'm looking at the person who will make the script and who will make the video. It can be in one face, it can be separately.…

AnimationVideo advertising ∙ 9 proposals
Creating ugc video for advertising in Tick Stream new
350 UAH

You need to create a video of a length of 15 seconds to 1 minute, where you’ll take yourself on the camera as you use our app and tell you about it and its advantages and purpose.You should use your idea of how to demonstrate this process.The format should be for the tick of the…

Video advertising ∙ 4 proposals