Video processing

Video editing new
200 UAH

Create videos on an ongoing basis from 3-8 hours (we will individually discuss with the selected candidate). The task is very simple, take beautiful stock videos like views of nature, a quadcopter flight, etc. and copyright-free music (soothing, for work, concentration). + need…

Video processing ∙ 11 proposals
Processing of photo and video new
200 UAH

We need to process a couple of photos and short stories. Color correction, highlighters, etc. I am also considering the option of permanent cooperation. Photos plus or minus in the same style and under the same lighting, so it will be enough to collect one successful preset and…

Video processingPhoto processing ∙ 30 proposals
Video of the role new

Congratulations to everyone. You need to install the video from the given different fragments and photos. Remove the sound in the video. In the ready video to place music and text, add according to your and according to the effects. Video +- 1.5 to 2 minutes. Thank you for…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 64 proposals
Video-installing podcasts for YouTube channel new

You need a video and audio installation for a podcast on the YouTube channel, we are looking for a monter who could do this for us on a constant basis.

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 51 proposals
Video of Deepfake new
1000 UAH

Looking for a video installator using Deepfake technology Processing of video road Installation video The Deepfake

Video recordingVideo processing ∙ 4 proposals
Installation of video (DaVinci) new

Everyone is greeted. You need to install (transitions between the photo/video set) in the DaVinci program. The result requires a ready-made film, and also the project itself in the format (DaVinci) for further possible improvement. Write a short description (applicable) +-…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 20 proposals
Coloring in the video. new

Good afternoon. The video lasts one hour. 70% of the video is good. In 30% there are problems with lighting, lighting, dark places, etc. Everything needs to be compared. The video is of good quality. Who knows how to work with color correction - write to LS. Video 1920 * 1080

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 22 proposals
Cut 100 pieces of video new
5000 UAH

All the greetings. You need a person who can take from our YouTube channel videos (approximately 100 pieces) and cut them to then download in Instagram, the stream. On the YouTube video is from 20 minutes to 2 hours, we need to make them short (approximately 15-25 seconds).…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 82 proposals
Install a American wedding film for 4-5 minutes. new
8800 UAH

I am looking for an American wedding.Knowledge of the language is essential to emphasize the special live moments in the film.After the release, the film is 4-5 minutes.Our style: HTTPS:// Interested by the synematic style with a minimum reporting.The…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 24 proposals
Video of the interview. You need a video monter with good English on hearing. new

We are looking for a video assembler to install interviews for social networks in English (English Listening level - C1-C2)

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 19 proposals
4 video rollers new
15 000 UAH

You need to make four short videos. Materials are available. Detailed description with examples read in the attached file. The cost of the project is discussed individually.

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 13 proposals
You need advice and help in creating a YouTube roll new

Good day ! You need advice on the selection of the program to record videos from the computer screen. Test roll recording for 3-4 minutes by example of the YouTube channel /gamaverse/videos So that we can continue with our strength. Payment should be discussed. I don't know how…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 14 proposals
Development of Graphic Video Design for Online Gymnastics Course new

Develop graphic video design for a recorded online course for children 6-12 years old. You can find out about this site at Please send in reply: 1 . Links to your work (where you made…

ArtworkVideo processing ∙ 11 proposals
I'm looking for an experienced Colorista for color correction of the video in slog. new

I'm looking for someone who knows how to work with favorite types of video and knows how to achieve a given color result in a photograph. I only look at the portfolio, I need a colorist on a full-time basis.

Video processingCorporate style ∙ 10 proposals
Mount 15 Videos for TikTok new

In Ukrainian extro community, we need to create a video content of 9:16 with a story and a story. Video requirements: 1. It has to be from our footage (the camera, GoPro, the drone) and the\or videos that you find yourself on your own. And to have a clear history, to evoke…

Audio and video editingVideo processing ∙ 20 proposals