Web programming

Page template for WordPress new

Technical task Create a page template for WordPress Block with a photo (photo browsed ) The ability to administer this block. Add and change the photo. It is also possible to set the time to show each photo. Two blocks with RSS news Advertising Block with weather Advertising…

Web programming ∙ 3 proposals
Connect Paypal Payment new
2000 UAH

Good day, You need to connect Paypal on the finished website. You should be able to pay through a PayPal account or directly enter the credit card. - Look at the screenshot of the sample as it should look at the payment widget. I will wait for your offer with your fee.

Web programmingPayment systems integration ∙ 9 proposals
Consultation on the connection of the payment gate to the online store, 1 hour new
1300 UAH

Dear expert ! I would like to look at different ways of integrating payment ports. Until you have not yet chosen which payment gateway to connect (e.g. stripe) There is an online store (self-writing platform) for the provision of public services. The standard plugin, such as…

Web programming ∙ 4 proposals
Probound of methots and cookies new

WEB on the wordpress and WEB on the subdomain. The WP site is the entrance point for traffic from partners. You need to: make a break from the buttons of all the metets (atributes) to another site. Example: the client enters the WP site with the label…

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 5 proposals
Project on the ocStore (Opencart), the line of the line new

TZ is detailed in the deposit, if short: turn / turn from zero a hat, turn out categories, turn the carousel, cut out more, with me the archive with the project and BD or ftp access to the project

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Website development, VAMBERI advertising service new
10 000 UAH

Interested in the improvement of the site, a programmator is required with experience of work, with sites of autographs. The site self-sign, a programmer is needed to implement new functions, on a permanent basis, The system is written in the most popular programming…

Web programmingSystem programming ∙ 2 proposals
Find a ready IT solution for document recognition new

It is necessary to find a ready IT solution for the intellectual recognition of documents, suitable for us by cost. Here is an example: https://endocs.ru/raspoznavanie-documentov/. But this service did not come to us at the price. A brief description of the system: The…

Web programmingMachine learning ∙ 2 proposals
Project written on the framework yii new

There is a project written on the framework yii you need to build the site according to with these links https://docs.google.com/document/d/14-Tnj_P70C1ZhMKu_xBJsUIP4Tr154rE0J8TutLzj4E/edit?usp=sharing Increase the speed of the website https://pagespeed.web.dev/ Remove…

Web programming ∙ 4 proposals
to transfer the substance. Website on Shopify new

There is a website (online shop with clothes), up to 5000 SKU In short, the task: Moving from OpenCart to Shopping Connect with the accounting system Adapting the admin to our tasks Adapting front-end solution to the designated style Add the example price plus if there are…

Web programming ∙ 4 proposals
Web site to HTML new

Website - https://bit.ly/3yBGh1c Written in html You need to add to the site hat - the Weber button To open the dialogue in the chat Set up the CSS so that everything looks beautiful both on the phone and computer. Write the word "html" in the reply so I understand that…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 34 proposals
P2P APi QIWI Payment System new
500 UAH

There is a website. It is necessary to take the parameter from the payment form on the site and further implement the link to the payment through https://p2p.qiwi.com/ , to make the internal conversion of the payment to the Kazakh Tenge and to send the payment in the Tenge to…

Web programmingData parsing ∙ 5 proposals
Database with a tables plugin (vue or react) new
40 000 UAH

The company is engaged in the production of roulette.Provide business services and retail customers.Currently, the entire accounting is run in the Excel tables.For each client - a separate table that became uncomfortable in managing.You need to create a web add-on with a similar…

DatabasesWeb programming ∙ 5 proposals