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Upgrade of the site on OpenCart new

Product card Name of the problemLink to the page.Screen Detailed description Evaluation in hours Bread pieces at the centerhttps://metabo.khk.com.ua/ru/drel-shurupovert-akkumulyatornaya-metabo-powermaxx-bs-600079550https://take.ms/4RZc8To the left edge We remove the sharing…

HTML and CSSWeb programming ∙ 5 proposals
WordPress Developer new
10 000 UAH

All greetings We are a boutique branding, UI/UX and web design agency in New York ( digitaldesign.nyc), working with excellent customers on super-class projects. Our work is very diverse: from UX to innovative startups to elegant real estate branding, websites and much more!…

Web programming ∙ 4 proposals
Create a Question script to send answers + contacts through the API new

Good day , The task is thus: Create a screenshot, for example: https://gifmayb.space/ Options of answers (on choice of the proposed), the right is not, the user chooses any. at the end of the form to fill in the contact details. The script should be relatively universal so…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 3 proposals
Dynamic title catalogue - site on yii2 new

There is a catalog of vacancies Poland work vacancies: fresh vacancies, free vacancies. The inspectorpraci.eu There are filters on the page - it is necessary to change the title text accordingly when filters are applied. For example, filter for the city of Warsaw - title Work…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 6 proposals
The Internet shop (laravel, vue, scss) new
5000 UAH

On the site you need: Correction of bugs (pixels, fonts to correct) 2) Trust the interfaces on the model with the Figma 3) Add a video to the main screen Also, if you are a Backend Developer, there are additional tasks Contractual Price

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 5 proposals
Create chat bots in Viber and Telegram new

The tasks: 1. Make chat bots (Wiber, Telegram in Send Pulse) 2. Connect chat bots to the site and CRM SendPulse 3. Connect students' registration through a chatbot to a WordPress site

Web programmingBot development ∙ 2 proposals
Create a Wordpress Filter - ACF new

Good evening, you need to make a filter on WordPress - ACF. The second point does not need to be done, but you need to give an assessment on the work. More detailed here:…

PHPWeb programming ∙ 4 proposals
Creating Symbols new

Create symbols that could be used along with regular symbols. Not to develop design and not to draw, namely to create software. I need two things. Round, minimal sizes, my dark-grey color (which I will throw down in ls). The second symbol in case the first does not fit for my…

Web programmingLogo design ∙ 1 proposal
Website development from scratch, vacancy ads new

It is necessary to develop a simple website according to the type of vacation displays. The main task - the site should be as simple as possible that the user can literally in a few clicks see new jobs or publish a new jobs.The main features:- publish a job- search and filter…

JavaScriptWeb programming ∙ 10 proposals
Create a website to WordPress using Elementor new

I am looking for a specialist who knows how to work with the Elementor designer. You need to make a complicated page. There is no design. There is a coordinated structure (blocks). You need to make everything in a single style. Understanding that the task is a bit abstract and…

Web programming ∙ 10 proposals
I’m looking for a Webflow mentor. new
10 000 UAH

I am looking for a mentor on the Webflow platform who will be able to indicate, advise, make a review of the site for rapid development in that direction.I expect concrete offers from the portfolio without “I can discuss...” The duties of the mentor include: Regular short calls…

Web programmingWeb design
CodeIgniter on Docker new

Hello to you! There is an app developed on CodeIgniter and Mysql. Dockerising invoice system. Bootstrap and generate 5 and above containers where each container runs a full isolated app including PHP(Codeigniter) + MySQL. Using Docker technologies. There is an archive with a…

DevOpsWeb programming ∙ 1 proposal