Website development

A large online store with filling of goods. new
7000 UAH

The project is a mold of a large online store with the filling of goods of famous world brands (principally American). The technical task: 1 . Create an online store (visual component) on the Shopify platform + individual design (style, banners) 2nd Fill out categories of…

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One page on the WP, on the existing website. by Divi Builder new

You need to make on the WP page for the sale of vacation tickets to Bulgaria. I have written the whole text that the block should follow. You just need to have the imagination to place it well and decorate it with a few pictures. The page is standard, information about the…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 6 proposals
Landing page under key new

It is necessary to develop a website for a cryptocurrency marketing agency. Prototype, block structure, text selling, design and layer. Before developing, you need consultation, what information to collect to place on the landing page (visual and text, reviews, ratings,…

Web designWebsite development ∙ 27 proposals
Convert the site to OpenCart. Quality new
10 000 UAH

Good day . It is necessary to rebuild an online store for sale. It was created in 2019. But it was done relatively badly. The hands did not come. Now there is the need to make its re-design as much as possible in the modern style. The design forms can be provided. You need a…

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Make a website (Admin.WordPress panel works + is a design on Figm) new

to make the site work (Admin.WordPress panel works + is a design on Figm) Domain is also available. Selling Sweatshirt There are 6 full-time models + 3 There are 21 different pages.

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 25 proposals
Getting a link to Webflow new

There is a linking pattern: You need to move as accurately as possible to Webflow. In the review, in addition to the price, indicate your skill on the designer and examples of sites on it.

Web designWebsite development ∙ 18 proposals
Creation of the Charitable Fund website new

It is necessary to create a site based on a new template and transfer and fill all data to a new platform. And put it in place of the old on the host. The website should be adaptive, multi-language. Comfortable with a comfortable adminka. Also transfer the previously purchased…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 13 proposals
Site-visit card under key for charity fund new
5000 UAH

Site-visit card under the key for a charity fund is multi-language with the integration of simple payment elements (mono bank, patreon). General information Our foundation is created for humanitarian projects in Ukraine, our team works people who feel the need to help others and…

Web designWebsite development ∙ 16 proposals
Create a personal office new
1500 UAH

You need to create two personal offices (Supplier and Customer) on WordPress with a reference system. After completion, we will invite Timbi to the team. We are considering proposals with further cooperation. Follow the details and leave your offer.

HTML and CSSWebsite development ∙ 11 proposals
Wordpress Website (WordPress Website) new

Site of Select the list of candidates for how much the profile is filled in %.This parameter is displayed in the candidate’s personal office (Screen 1).Subject support previously said that file modification by way…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 4 proposals
Transfer landing page from Tilda to CloudFlare Pages new

Good day . I would like to say immediately that the project is being published essentially for Ukrainian freelancers. Many now do not have a stable work, so I ask representatives of other countries to make an understanding. (with the exception of the Russians - your…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 3 proposals
Selling website (the online store) new This site is made incorrect (builder, the broken topic is not updated, depends), you need to repeat it 1 in 1, but quality, with a minimum call plugin.Design, structure, content, goods, we leave everything as it is.Business is small - making a…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 18 proposals
Create a website on the Tild Digital Agency new
2000 UAH

Good day colleagues. The Polish Digital Market We are engaged in the development of chat bots and SMM services website creation. We are also looking for a master from Ukraine for work on a permanent basis. To create websites for our customers. At this moment we need to…

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Developing a website in WordPress new

Friends, you need to create a genealogical site (thematics of search for genetic, confirmation of the site). The maximum filling. 3 languages of ukra, Russian English. You can buy a calulator and a button. Please enter all your terms, prices and deadlines. So far about: Map…

Web designWebsite development ∙ 15 proposals
Website for car new

Good day ! We are looking for a website developer with experience. We need a site for car washing, the site needs a beautiful and modern, which will be understood to the visitor.

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite development ∙ 57 proposals