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One page on the WP, on the existing website. by Divi Builder new

You need to make on the WP page for the sale of vacation tickets to Bulgaria. I have written the whole text that the block should follow. You just need to have the imagination to place it well and decorate it with a few pictures. The page is standard, information about the…

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Content manager, filling the products of the site on new

SLAVLES - we are engaged in the sale of wood and metal processing equipment. We are looking for a team of people who are ready to close our needs to work with the site. Work does not involve full employment, which allows to conduct several projects at the same time. What is the…

IP-telephony and VoIPWebsite maintenance ∙ 7 proposals
Transfer corporate email from the service new

Good day , There are two email addresses @. Placed on the rose. by You need to transfer (or from zero to set) the address on any new European service, you can offer your options or set the mail on the client’s hosting. The deadline for the implementation of the…

Software protection and securityWebsite maintenance ∙ 7 proposals
The Drupal 7. You have to deal with the mistake. new
1500 UAH

The Drupal 7. You need to deal with the error when when working with the order of the online store (ecommerce module) the MariaDB server ceases to respond (user receives 504). At the same time, the server overall ceases to work and only helps recharge. Details can be provided on…

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Website and its speed new
300 UAH

Site on WordPress After transferring the site to another hosting provider, the speed of its download has fallen substantially and it makes a fault (not loads) the main - it is somehow empty. The problem should be resolved as soon as possible and resolved with the speed of…

HTML and CSSWebsite maintenance ∙ 11 proposals
Convert the site to OpenCart. Quality new
10 000 UAH

Good day . It is necessary to rebuild an online store for sale. It was created in 2019. But it was done relatively badly. The hands did not come. Now there is the need to make its re-design as much as possible in the modern style. The design forms can be provided. You need a…

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Monthly support of the portal new

Monthly support of the portal Correction of holes Check and test the site for problems - quality reserve copied once a week Removal of malicious code in case of detection For a separate fee, global changes. With urgent improvements: 1 . News from…

Web programmingWebsite maintenance ∙ 7 proposals
Technical support for the website (WordPress) new

Technical support for the cooking site (WordPress): 1 . Updated theme 2nd Correction of errors Three Change of the menu and the theme design elements 4 . Creating a back-up version The task of support is not very much, but a reliable person/company is needed, who can quickly…

Website maintenance ∙ 25 proposals
Creation of the Charitable Fund website new

It is necessary to create a site based on a new template and transfer and fill all data to a new platform. And put it in place of the old on the host. The website should be adaptive, multi-language. Comfortable with a comfortable adminka. Also transfer the previously purchased…

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Wordpress Website (WordPress Website) new

Site of Select the list of candidates for how much the profile is filled in %.This parameter is displayed in the candidate’s personal office (Screen 1).Subject support previously said that file modification by way…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 4 proposals
Transfer landing page from Tilda to CloudFlare Pages new

Good day . I would like to say immediately that the project is being published essentially for Ukrainian freelancers. Many now do not have a stable work, so I ask representatives of other countries to make an understanding. (with the exception of the Russians - your…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 3 proposals
Selling website (the online store) new This site is made incorrect (builder, the broken topic is not updated, depends), you need to repeat it 1 in 1, but quality, with a minimum call plugin.Design, structure, content, goods, we leave everything as it is.Business is small - making a…

Website developmentWebsite maintenance ∙ 18 proposals
Adding goods to the site. new

We provide a table with a list of 50 products. It is necessary to find a photo on the provider’s website by code and place these photos with information about the product (name, price, call-to, size, code) on our website. Work is periodic, several times a month.

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite maintenance ∙ 28 proposals
Replacement of template on a working site (WordPress) new

There is a working and visited information site (Wordpress) for exports: The current template is no longer supported by the authors, it is decided to replace it with another template, bring it to a more complete view and make it foolish. What is needed: - Replace the…

Web programmingWebsite maintenance ∙ 11 proposals
We are looking for a site administrator on Opencart with experience on this CMS new

HTTPS:// We are looking for a permanent basis of an online store administrator on open card. What to do: • Fill with new products by template. The creative approach is welcome. • Description (Title, text, photo(video)) and characteristics of existing positions; •…

Online stores and e-commerceWebsite maintenance ∙ 17 proposals