Website SEO audit

Promotion of SEO website new

You need to create the Ukrainian version of the site so that when pressing it will immediately be discovered. Also set this version according to SEO.

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Organic Website Promotion – SEO new
5500 UAH

I am looking for a specialist for a project to write TZ, recommendations on internal optimization for the site. (That is 3 months ago) The basic requirements. 1 - to audit the site and write recommendations on the implementation of errors 2 - Collection and clustering of…

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SEO mentor - accompaniment and training on the advancement of the existing site new

Welcome to! I have a website on OpenCart (not new, but far from the days of release). I have passed a basic course in SEO, some knowledge and understanding is, text writes itself You need an experienced mentor who will help, show how better and more efficiently to get a site to…

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Improvement and improvement of the site. new

Since we have lost a programmer who started developing a WordPress site, we are looking for a person to maintain, improve, upgrade and repair our site. Of tasks that were set in advance, but so until the end and have not been fulfilled. Verification and correction Title and meta…

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SEO Specialist for Two Websites new

The guys, hello ! I need someone who can start organic traffic on two sites: 1) The website for providing psychological advice 2) Coffee sales website From wishes, it would be good if you could still be engaged in…

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SEO Promotion new

You need a SEO specialist to promote several projects in the United States. Compulsory experience of working with international companies, USA. The first website to run Write the cost of the work.

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Forming TZ for the studio to combine two sites innet stores new
1000 UAH

I greet everyone! There are two own work sites of common theme on one host. It is necessary to form a technical task for SEO and web professionals (studies) to combine these two stores and their products into one, taking into account the data and requirements provided. The…

Website SEO auditTechnical documentation ∙ 8 proposals
Collection of semantic core, building the structure of the site, the skeleton of the site new
6000 UAH

We are looking for a SEO specialist with extensive experience in developing the structure of the site. site subject: shoe hypermarket (women's, men's, children's, women's bags, shoe accessories) one. Collection of the semantic core on the above topics, region - all of Ukraine,…

Website SEO auditSearch engine optimization ∙ 8 proposals
Analysis and settings of the store on Etsy new

Hello! The plush plaid shop in Etsy was established in 2019. You need to make an analysis, make the correct settings of the store, review and, if necessary, change the listings. If you are from Etsy on "you" are waiting for your applications.

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Monitoring of retail prices in online stores new

It is necessary to monitor prices in different online stores at a specific position of one manufacturer.There is a list of online stores (approximately 250(both market plays and specialized), they place themselves on the product page, there are recommended retail prices that…

Website SEO auditData parsing ∙ 6 proposals
Create a SEO website audit new

According to our project, which is planned to promote to the European market, you need to conduct a SEO audit. As a result, I want to get a file with a clear checklist for developers to enter the links on the site before promoting. It is very important that you…

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I am looking for a Google SEO specialist. new

I'm looking for a Google SEO expert for my campaign that will be able to bring my landing pages to the first page on Google. My activity is a wedding photographer and video photographer. You need a specialist who knows and understand the work of Google and how you can index a…

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SEO Promotion new
5000 UAH

You need a SEO specialist who will not just raise the site’s position but actually launch it up the search edition lists. which will also be able to provide the service of SEO audit.

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