Leaders in recommendations in this quarter

Participant Latest recommendation
Andriy Chornyy  Andriy C.
27 May 194
Эльвина Шафикова  Эльвина Ш.
26 May 186
AlotPro Partner  AlotPro P.
26 May 154
Ярослав Бирюков  Ярослав Б.
26 May 105
Vasyl Dukhovych  Vasyl D.
26 May 83
  1. The winner is decided by the number of unique registrations in the previous quarter
  2. Awards are conducted in the first week of the month following the quarter
  3. The winner is awarded personal promo code to receive a Plus profile for 600 months.
  4. The prize is personal and is not viable for sale or transfer to another user
  5. If the winner has already claimed victory, the prize is awarded to the second place (or further on the list)
  6. In case the winner used unfair methods to attract (spam, registration of empty profiles, etc.), their victory is annulled, and the second place gets the prize (or further on the list)