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freelancers are ready to apply for a permanent remote job offer
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contractors consider office work
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Remote and office work

How does it work for an employer?

Job offer creation
Create a job offer
Create a job offer on behalf of the company with a description of key tasks and working conditions
Receive applications
Clarify your questions with applicants and conduct an interview with them
Conduct interviews
Interview and evaluate candidates directly on the service or in another convenient way
Select an employee
Make decisions on cooperation with applicants based on interviews

Required steps for a job seeker

Publish a resume
Fill out your resume, specify your skills, add a portfolio and a real photo
Apply for job offers
Select relevant job offers from the list and apply for ones that interest you
Take interviews
Wait for messages from employers and invitations to interviews
Accept congratulations
Agreed with the employer on the terms of cooperation and the start date? Congratulations!

Now you are ready to effectively work with job offers

We're happy to help employers find employees, and applicants — a new job
Remote and office work