Privacy Policy

Website owner (hereinafter — Website), as Website Administration (hereinafter — Receiving party), obliges to protect confidential information and personal data of Clients and Contractors (hereinafter — Transferring party).


Transferring party — Clients and Contractors who own confidential information and private data transfer it to the Website Administration while registering and using the Service.

Receiving Party — Administration that receives confidential information and personal data while providing services to Clients and Contractors.

Confidential information — information reveiled by Transferring party to the Receiving party is not generally accessible. Such information may or may not be marked as 'confidential', but according to its content it should be perceived as confidential.

Confidential data includes but is not limited to:

  • information about the level of Transferring party's technical developement, as well as successful technical solutions and prospects of improvements in the field.
  • data about marketing or advertisement politics of the Transferring party about promotion of goods, works and services.
  • information about commercial politics or business plans including information about existing or planned projects or contractors.
  • information received from third parties that the Transferring party can't disclose due to a non-disclosure agreement.
  • The information can't be considered confidential despite any possible marking if it:
  • is generally accessible, ownership or spread of which can't lead to a violation of right or lawful interests of the Transferring party.
  • that the Receiving party became aware of before registration of the Transferring party in the servie.
  • provided by Transferring party with a written remark that indicates information as non confidential.
  • concerns data on the fact of Service use by the Transferring party.

Personal data — information or data array about the Transferring party that can be used to identify the Party.

The categories of the parties' personal data in the Service framework are the following:

  • surname, name and father's name.
  • e-mail address.
  • Date of birth.
  • place of residence.
  • phone number,
  • as well as other data that can be used to identify the owner.


1.1 The aim of confidential information and personal data collection and processing by the Receiving party is the following:

  • providing the Transferring party access to the Service possibilities, information and materials located at the Website.
  • organization of communications between Parties.
  • ensuring successful completion of the contract for works or services, concluded between Clients and Contractors with the use of the Service.


2.1 Website visitors who don't register an account are informed and agree that the Receiving party has the right to collect information about these users inlcuding URL and IP adresses etc that were viewed during visit. This information is used only for internal purposes and serves to improve the Service work.

2.2 The receiving party processes only the confidential information and private data that is necessary to ensure quality of the provided services and doesn't use this information for other purposes without consent of the Transferring party.

2.3 The receiving party preserves confidential information and personal data as long as it's necessary for provided purposes according to the effective legislation.

2.4 The transferring party receives unobstructed access to the confidential information and private data that belongs to them.

2.5 Receiving party does not transfer confidential information and personl data of the Transferring party to third parties without consent of the owners of this information except for cases provided for by the law.


3.1 The transferring party obliges to provide authentic and full information.

3.2 The receiving party obliges:

  • to use confidential information and personal data solely for ensuring performance of Service and implementation of Agreement for performance of work/rendering of services by means of "SAFE" service.
  • to not disclose confidential information to third parties except of cases provided for by the law.
  • to not use confidential information and personal data for purposes contrary to the aim provided in provision 1.1 of the Privacy policy
  • to minimize the number of employees and other persons having access to confidential information and personal data having ensured obtaining from them written obligations of nondisclosure and nonuse of confidential information and personal data of the disclosing party for their own benefit or for the benefit of others.
  • to notify the disclosing party immediately about found facts of unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information and personal data and take all necessary measures for prevention of further unauthorized use or disclosure of such information.
  • to delete confidential information and personal data at the demand of transferring pary.


4.1 The user base of the website is formed by Administration exclusively for internal use. Administration takes every possible software and hardware measure to protect it, but it's responsible for cases of unauthorized acces of third parties to this information as a result of unlawful action.

4.2 When the transferring party's account is deleted, the personal data of this party is removed immediately, if the transferring party wasn't caught on fraud at the website and filed a corresponding request to the receiving party via e-mail:

4.3 To receive access to information, ask question about our rules on confidentiality or file a complain, please contact us via e-mail: .