Terms of use of the service Freelancehunt.com

If you do not agree with this Agreement or with its individual clauses, you have the right to refuse to use the site Freelancehunt.com (hereinafter — Service). Если вы ошибочно согласились с данным Соглашением, сообщите об этом в администрацию Сервиса в течение 60 минут с момента регистрации.

This Agreement shall enter into force for you from the moment you submit your completed registration form.

If you are a user of the Service, this automatically means that you accept all clauses of this Agreement.

1. Definitions

Service — a set of software and hardware, united by the domain name space Freelancehunt.com, that provide interaction between Users.

User — an individual who has reached the age of 18 or a legal entity registered on the Service in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.

Account — unique name (login) and password for access to personal pages of the User in the Service framework

Client is a User who looks for Contractors via the Service.

Contractor, Freelancer — is a User who provides services of performing various types of work, while not entering into any employment legal relationship with the Service, and is not an employee of it.

Suspicious activity is a set of factors determined by the administration that indicate atypical (uncharacteristic) user behavior.

Payment data — unique numbers of payment (bank) cards and electronic wallets that can be used for mutual settlements between users.

Contact details — user personal portfolio sites, phone numbers, email addresses, links to social media accounts or instant messaging services.

2. Primary provisions

2.1. By accepting this Agreement, the User agrees, accepts and undertakes to unconditionally follow all of its terms. The user has the right to refuse to use the site Freelancehunt.com (hereinafter — Service).

2.2. This agreement and all changes to it are effective from the moment they are published in the Service. Changes to the Agreement can be made at any time. Users confirm that with every subsequent authorization in the Service they are aware of and accept the Agreement terms published at https://freelancehunt.com/service/rules.

2.3. The Service provides Users with a service to access the functionality of the Service without interruption, except for the time for the necessary repair and maintenance work. All currently existing services, as well as any development of them and/or the addition of new ones, are the subject of this Agreement. Users understand and agree that all services are provided on an «As is» basis and that the Administration is not responsible for any delays, failures, incorrect or untimely delivery, deletion or non-preservation of any user personal information.

2.4. Политика справедливого сотрудничества. Цель использования всеми Сторонами Сайта — обеспечение качественного и эффективного размещения информации (заказов, предложений и т. п.), исполнение надлежащим образом обязательств друг перед другом, защита прав и интересов Сторон. Заказчик и/или Исполнитель не могут использовать Сайт с другой целью, в том числе с целью передачи, сбора и поиска контактных и/или платёжных данных пользователей, поиска предложений и выполнения заказов вне Сайта. В случае выявления нарушений Политики справедливого сотрудничества Администрация имеет право в одностороннем порядке ограничить доступ такой Стороне к Сайту.

3. Parties' rights and duties

3.1. User's rights and duties

3.1.1. The user is responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of all the information posted in his profile and on the Website.

3.1.2. The following is forbidden in the service: Calls to violent change or overthrow of constitutional system or seizure of power; calls to change of administrative or state borders of Ukraine, violation of order institued by Constitution of Ukraine; calls to riot, arson or destruction of property, capturing of building and structures, violent eviction of citizens; calls to agression or starting a military conflict. Foul language and insults against anyone, including those based on ethnic, race or religious affiliation as well as shovinistic statements. Rude behaviour and statements to Administration or other Service users. Allocation of orders and advertisement by Users:

  • goods and services that violate the current legislation of Ukraine and/or the intellectual property rights of Third Parties.
  • goods and services that don't correspond to this Agreement.
  • Trojans, viruses, Internet worms, programs for hacking or unauthorized access to information, as well as other «hacker» programs that can harm software and/or component parts of information systems.
  • related to spamming as well as the development of software for the implementation of such mailings. Publication of the following information:

  • apparent and hidden advertising of third-party websites, including referral links and links to similar websites.
  • adverts of fast and easy income.
  • any messages and announcements related to the receipt of illegal income, including income from committing fraudulent activities..
  • any messages and announcements containing information on the illegal distribution of drugs, psychotropic substances, their analogues and precursors..
  • contain foul language.
  • which provoke conflicts based on political, racial, religious, national or other hostility.
  • violating the rights of lawful owners.
  • non-target advert spam in private messages.
  • aderts of any goods or services.
  • projects with a significantly lower budget compared to similar projects.
  • projects, the reward for the implementation of which is only a review.
  • projects and job offers that don't match specialization of the service.
  • projects that were finished rectroactively and opened to increase rating.
  • projects that involve non-payed test tasks that vary for different users.
  • projects and jobs that imply writing or posting reviews about products or services.
  • projects involving purchase of likes or reposts in social media.
  • projects and jobs that involve finding sponsors for promotions, drawings or similar events.
  • projects created to collect users' contact data.
  • projects and jobs created to involve others into MLM and pyramid schemes.
  • projects that originate from other projects that have been posted in the service (acting as a middle man).
  • projects and job offers related to pharming, buying, selling or renting accounts on third-party services.
  • projects related to passing exams, performing tests, as well as passing tests for third parties.
  • projects that involve writing texts on medical topics.
  • projects related to COVID-19 (including but not limited to writing articles on protection techniques and developing sites for selling masks).
  • projects with a description including contact details of the client.
  • bds with comments containing rates that are different from the rates indicated in the project cost field.
  • bids which text contains direct contact details of the user.
  • bids with the offer of working conditions, which significantly differ in the direction of reduction from the offers of other contractors in the current or similar projects.
  • bids with an offer to work for free of charge or solely for a review.
  • bids, the text of which contains completed work on the project in the form of an attachment, link or other form.
  • projects, the description of which includes the requirement (request) to provide contact details.
  • contact details on the public profile page as well as links to third-party sites with the contact details as the main content.
  • projects related to employment for permanent remote work and office work.
  • job offers with descriptions of several open positions.
  • projects and jobs related to the provision of intimate services, as well as the production, broadcast, or rebroadcast of erotic, pornographic photo, video, and audio materials.
  • projects and jobs related to the activities of religious sects, as well as the provision of occult services.
  • projects and jobs that imply earnings with the help of webcams, chats, and forums if their activities violate the current legislation of Ukraine.
  • projects and vacancies, in the description of which there is no detailed information about functional duties and/or tasks.
  • projects and vacancies that involve the performance of work or the provision of services in the field of pimping.
  • commercial proposals for specific pre-selected contractors, through the publication of public projects.
  • contests related to the production of erotic and/or pornographic materials. Any actions directly prohibited by Ukrainian law. Modification of profile photos using frames, strokes or other graphic elements, as well as the use of other people's photos.

3.1.3. User has the right to submit his ideas or propositions concerning website improvements for Administration review.

3.1.4. Users aknowledge and agree that Administration has access to all contents of the Service including private messages.

3.1.5. Users shouldn't attempt to receive unauthorized access to any part or functions of the Service, other systems or networks connected with the Service by any unlawful means.

3.1.6. All Service users may register no more than one Client account and one Freelancer account. Registration of multiple accounts of one type is prohibited as well as transfer of login data to other users.

3.1.7. Account transfer to third parties is prohibited. One account belongs to one person only.

3.1.8. Account transfer is prohibited.

3.1.9. All service users should fulfill their obligation before Service adminstration and Clients (if a contract is sealed) in good faith.

3.1.10. Non targeted advertisement of the provided services is prohibited.

3.1.11. It is forbidden to use tools for spam of private messages or automatic submission of proposals to the project.

3.1.12. Inappropriate threads in project or contest forums are under ban except for clarification of details needed for understanding the task.

3.1.13. It's forbidden to use tools that could artificially increase the uniqueness rate for the text in projects that involve text writing.

3.2. Administration's right and duties

3.2.1. Administration sets the rules of behaviour in the Service and reserves the right to demand adherence from the Users.

3.2.2. Administration reserves the right to change the Agreement provisions and its integral parts without specific notification of the user about these changes.

3.2.3. Administration reserves the right to make adjustments to the information published in the service at any given time..

3.2.4. Administration may send users informational messages exclusively within Service framework.

3.2.5. Administration is not responsible for authenticity of information published in the service and/or correctness of the User's statemenets.

3.2.6. If the User doesn't agree with the decision of Administration, he or she may write a letter with clarification of reasons to the Website Administration.

3.2.7. Administration may prohibit use of the Service by User who violates Agreement terms.

3.2.8. Administration may ban or delete User profile as well as prohibit access using any information to the Service and delete any content provided by the User without clarification of reasons, including any of these cases:

  • violation of the terms and conditions of the Agreement or provisions of other documents connected with Agreement by User.
  • the User's actions that caused or can cause damage to the business reputation of the Service.
  • receiving a lot of complaints from other users.
  • providing false information in a public profile.
  • publication of personal correspondence with other users on public websites.
  • violation of the Fair Cooperation Policy.

3.2.9. Website administration has the right to edit user profile without warning if it consider the user is violating website rules..

3.2.10. Administration has the right to control, upload, delete, edit, save and view messages that were sent via website at any time and for any reason. Administration is not responsbile, doesn't approve and doesn't guarantee information about views, opinions, recommendations and advises, posted or sent by users..

3.2.11. Administration is not responsbile for any errors, inconsistances or missing information during registration or content upload to the websie and can't be held responsible for any damage or loss that appeared due to these factors..

3.2.12. By providing the Administration with their e-mail address and phone numbers, Users consent to the use of this data for the Administration to send service, information, and marketing notifications.

3.2.13. Administration reserves the right to advertise the Service at own discretion by processing content and displaying it at certain pages of the Service and beyond it with a right to structure, edit, integrate, regroup, translate text part of the content to other languages etc. Administration shall not be held responsbile for any faults or defects in the content that may appear due to translation..

3.2.14. The user gives his unconditional consent to the processing of his personal data by the Administration to exercise the rights and perform obligations arising from the provisions of this Agreement. Processing includes, but is not limited to, collecting, registering, storing, adapting, updating, using and destroying personal data. The Parties are notified that from the moment of concluding this Agreement the Administration is released from the obligation to receive additional User consent for the processing of personal data. This consent also implies the possibility of transferring data and copies of documents to the partners of the Administration, including payment system data, solely for conducting advertising campaigns with the participation of the Client and the Contractor, performing mutual settlements and providing services as well as for the authenticity verification of documents provided by the User.

3.2.15. Administration can block the project in case of receiving too many complaints from other users.

3.2.16. The administration reserves the right to require verification of the User profile if it detects suspicious activity in this profile.

3.2.17. The Administration has the right to request and receive from the User any data necessary for his verification.

3.2.18. The Administration has the right to verify information about the User using any public and official databases, including databases of payment systems and the like. In this case, the User reimburses the Administration for the costs incurred by the latter in connection with the verification. The cost of verification is previously agreed upon with the user.

4. Dispute resolution order and parties' liability

4.1. Service administration does not participate in disputes and court cases between Service users as well as those involving third parties.

4.2. Service administration shall not be held responsible for the quality of the services provided by Contractors.

4.3. The Service Administration is not responsible for any possible losses and/or lost profits of Users or Third Parties caused as a result of using or inability to use the Service.

4.4. Service administration is not responsbile for actions of Users or Third parties that violate the Ukrainian laws.

4.5. Service administration is not responsible for information and materials uploaded by Users in the Service.

4.6. Service Administration does not guarantee but will take every possible step to ensure reliable and stable functioning of the Service.

4.7. User is responsible for all actions conducted under name in the Service.;

4.8. The user is responsible for quality and timeliness of obligation fulfillment in terms affirmed in the Serviced.

4.9. The user is responsible for the security of confidential information that is used to access the Service. Basic privacy conditions are set out at https://freelancehunt.com/service/privacy.

5. Payment order

5.1. Using the service is free, access to the servide is granted to every interested party in equal measure.

5.2. Service administration has the right to establish or cancel payment for the services in the system at own discretion, and the users shall be notified about it.

5.3. If the Service rules are violated, the fund used for service purchase are not refunded. However if the user couldn't make use of the service because of Administration's obvious fault, his service account is credited with the amount that corresponds to the price of the service..

5.4. Funds paid by the User for access to the Service features can only be used to pay for this exact service and can't be refunded.

6. Personal data

6.1. All personal data on the Service are published with the prior consent of the subjects of personal data obtained in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. By providing personal information, the User gives his unconditional consent to the processing and verification of personal data in any available way by the Administration in order to exercise the rights and fulfill the obligations arising from the provisions of this Agreement. Processing includes, but is not limited to, collection, registration, storage, adaptation, updating, use and destruction of personal data. In this connection, the Administration is released from the obligation to obtain additional consent from the user for the processing of personal data, namely: for its collection, storage, adaptation, updating and use in order to distribute electronic thematic mailings and other information related to the activities of the Service. The personal data provided by the User is used only for internal purposes and is not transferred to third parties, except in cases of transferring the necessary information to the partners of the Administration, exclusively for conducting promotions with the participation of the user, conducting mutual settlements and providing the Service, as well as for identifying the authenticity of the documents provided by the user. The user at any time can request or change his personal information contained in the databases of the Service by contacting the Administration.

7. Publication of a job offer announcement and a resume

7.1. The client has the right to publish a job offer announcement.

7.2. The client pays for announcement publishing.

7.3. It's forbidden to include the following restrictions in your job offer: specify the desired age of candidates; to offer work only to women or only to men, with the exception of specific work that can be performed exclusively by a person of a particular gender; to set requirements that provide advantages to the males or females (except as provided by law), or to representatives of a particular race, skin color, political, religious and other convictions, members of trade unions or other associations of citizens, ethnic and social origin, property status, place of residence, linguistic or other characteristics.

7.4. The contractor has the right to free access to all job advertisements.

7.5. The contractor has the right to publish a personal resume.

7.6. The administration keeps the right at any time to make changes and remove job offer announcements and resumes if they don't comply with the terms of this Agreement, as well as at its own discretion without giving reasons.

7.7. The administration is not responsible for the content of job offer announcements and resumes, as well as for causing damage and other losses that may arise from the Client and the Contractor regarding the publication and use of the information contained in the job offer announcement and resume.

8. Requisites

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