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Safe — is a service that provides financial guarantees to both sides of the freelance project. The Client is guaranteed safety of funds if the freelancer doesn't cope with the task or turns out to be unreliable. The Freelancer is guaranteed timely payment in full amount. Our service is the holder of funds and arbitrator in case of a conflict. Due to the specifics of remote Work Safe is the most efficient way to obtain necessary result with minimum risk of time and money loss.
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Advantages of working via Safe

Financial guarantees

The service guarantess safety of the funds. This means that the client can be sure about the quality of the result, and the contractor — about timely payment.

Term guarantee

The client receives work results in terms that have been specified at the start. The contractor can be sure about timely payment in the reserved amount.


In case of a dispute, both parties may apply to arbitrage. The service ensures competent and impartial consideration of all requests.


Projects that are successfully finished via Safe, will provide not only comfortable experience, but will also yield much higher rating growth than ordinary projects do.

The payment is conducted only after the project is successfully accomplished

Safe: the funds are reserved at freelancehunt and payed to the freelancer after work is accomplished

We will refund the cost in full if the contractor doesn't accomplish the task

Any preferrable payment option for the client


Funds withdrawal options for freelancer


How does the Safe work?

You publish the project in the service with a remark that you'd prefert working via Safe — contractors' proposals will start coming in in a few minutes.

Among freelancers' proposals the client chooses the winner based on suggested price, contractor's rating, portfolio and verification.

In a workspace specially created for the project the client and contractor negotiate and confirm the price, terms and task.

After the work terms are affirmed by the client, the fee is reserved with the preferrable method from over 20 options available.

The contractor starts working immediately, communicating with the client and exchanging files in the workspace.

The client accepts work and finishes project, and the reserved funds are immediately transferred to the freelancer's account in the service.

Feedback from our users

Понравилось работать через Сейф. С такой функцией я практически не волновался за свои деньги.

Дмитрий Дмитрий Филин — Client

Доволен сотрудничеством с использованием сервиса Сейф. Можно спокойно выполнять работу, не беспокоясь об оплате заказа. Оплата поступает своевременно и в полном объеме. Рекомендую к использованию!

Юрий Юрий Zp — Freelancer

Часто виконую проекти через сейф і завжди ним задоволений) працюю із повною віддачею, знаючи, що гроші зарезервовані, і я отримаю їх за свою повністю виконану роботу) арбітраж завжди об'єктивно оцінює роботу як замовника, так і фрілансера. Сейф - це єдиний спосіб бути впевненим, що твою роботу буде справедливо оцінено)

Андрій Андрій Савчук — Freelancer

Projects finished via Safe