EnergyExpress brings coal laboratory to Android devices. Designed on regression analysis, it combines an advanced algorithm techniques in order to predict Gross Calorific Value (GCV) and Net Calorific Value (NCV) using only 3 key parameters: Total Moisture, Ash, Volatile Matter.

Calorific Value is one of the most important properties of coal which defines the energy it produces when burning. In most cases Calorific Value is determined using two methods:
- calculation based on a chemical analysis (ultimate analysis required)
- burning a sample in a calorimeter.
Both methods require laboratory with services of a competent chemist to perform the necessary tests and are сumbrous, costly and time consuming.

Having backgrounds in coal trading, we tested EnergyExpress during our shipments of Australian, South African, Ukrainian and US steam coal and achieved an average prediction accuracy of 97%.

Today the moment has come for us to share this tool with fellow coal professionals.
But please be aware that method of calculation is still experimental and based on theoretical estimation. It means that EnergyExpress has limitations (optimization for steam coal; it will not work with coal that has high level of inherent moisture, such as Indonesian origin) and we recommend to use it for reference purposes only.
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